CK2 Tour

Experiential brand activation campaign, located over 5 key UK locations.

The Brief

Our client, an industry leading creative agency, were seeking an innovative audio visual experiential activation to launch and promote their global client's new fragrance. They required an immersive product experience to be used over various dates and across multiple locations. The clients objective was to engage the audience through the use of social media, encouraging visitors to take and post photos with the use of hashtags which were then automatically moderated and displayed on the side of the container, using our custom designed high resolution LED screens creating a truly engaging experience.
CK2 Pop Up by iMAG Displays

The Challenge

This project was not without its challenges, identifying and selecting the most suitable LED product was key. Our team decided that a high resolution outdoor LED screen with an IP rating would be the best choice, with a bespoke frame designed & built to wrap the two shipping containers. Ensuring the seamless fit of the video wall was imperative, with custom corner panels provided. Each activation location was positioned in pedestrianised city centre sites, creating a number of logistical challenges, including the difficulty getting one of our articulated lorries into Camden. We also had to bear in mind that each location had different access requirements, with advance planning to ensure this build was delivered on time, every time.
Calvin Klein promoters in Camden for CK2 launch
CK2 fragrance UK tour with Calvin Klein

The Successful Solution

To cope with both the outdoor inclement British climate and the limited build time, we selected our high resolution 6mm LED screen.  With an IP rating of 65 and impressive brightness the 6mm proves to be a fantastic choice for outdoor or indoor requirements, with the added element of social media engagement; the vividness of this video project was a key objective.

Designing and fabricating a custom ‘lip’ to support the weight of the screen ensured a smooth fascia across the outside of the shipping container, creating the ‘fully’ wrapped container.

Extensive planning and preparation of the logistics by our technical team ensured that the access to the various sites was carefully scheduled along with the numerous responsibilities for each install day and location being allocated to the necessary crew member.

This attention to detail ensured the successful delivery of this multi-site, prestigious product launch.

Galvanising both the clients belief and our objective that the matching of an audio visual solution with a leading fragrance brand can create a truly immersive and engaging consumer experience.

Fragrance launch tour with Calvin Klein in Manchester

Equipment and Crew Used


42.6 SQM digiLED i6 6mm LED screen

3 digiLED Navigator NAV Processor

1 Pandoras Box

1 Black Magic Atem Vision Mixer



2 LED Technicians

1 LED Technician Assistant