Cornerstone Convergence CC16, Hilton Metropole

An annual client award ceremony hosted by Cornerstone, a global leader in cloud-based human capital management software.

The Brief

Our client, an event management company contacted us to enlist our expertise with providing a bespoke Audio Visual LED solution for the international software company Cornerstone’s annual awards ceremony held at the Hilton Metropole in London. They were looking for a full HD, high resolution indoor LED solution that would be engaged throughout the award presentation with a media server and full production to manage this seamless delivery.
Cornerstone by iMAG Displays

The Result

As is often the way, all our planning & strategy came undone with the elevators breaking down mid-load.. This meant a complete and fast re-think with the project manager identifying and confirming a new build and load-in procedure.

Despite the challenging load in scenario, the build itself was extremely efficient and we were ready to fully test the entire 12m wide x 3.5m high LED back drop screen before rehearsals, ensuring the content and presentations were timed perfectly throughout this prestigious event.

Our project manager chose our multi award award winning high resolution ROE Black OnyX 3mm LED screen matched with Pandoras Box media server. The ROE Black OnyX has a high refresh rate and anti-glare technology that delivers striking image quality in varied lighting conditions, making it fitting for any indoor event.
Cornerstone by iMAG Displays
Cornerstone by iMAG Displays

Equipment and Crew used

  • 168 Panels of ROE Black OnyX 3mm LED Screen
  • 3 Brompton Tesserra M2 Processors
  • Cable and Distibution Package
  • 1 Project Manager
  • 2 LED Technicians
  • 2 LED Technicians Assistants

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