Dyson Exhibition Stand at IFA

Berlin, Germany


Dyson’s creative team designed a large duel levelled exhibition stand at IFA, a world leading consumer electronics exhibition held annually in Berlin, Germany.

They enlisted our services to provide a custom, multi-functional LED screen & audio visual video display to enhance their stunning content and increase the consumers exhibition experience.
Dyson Berlin Supersonic IFA ROE Black Onyx 3mm LED Screen Cladded


This project came with tight build & de-rig times, therefore we had to ensure stringent pre-planning enabled us to install the 2 large scale high resolution ROE Black OnyX 3mm Indoor LED screens within the required timescales.

This included the fully cladded LED screen wrap around the external perimeter of the stand and the LED screen in the dedicated consumer retail area.

Selecting the right product for this project was imperative due to the viewing distance, indoor environment of the exhibition and of course the tight build schedule.
Dyson stand IFA 2016 large LED screen ROE Black Onyx 3mm
Dyson stand at IFA Berlin 2016


By selecting the multi award winning, high resolution ROE Onyx 3.4mm Indoor LED screen we were able to produce an audio visual display that not only enhanced the stand but increased visitor dwell times.

The 3.4mm pixel LED pitch of the ROE Black Onyx is perfect for up close viewing in the indoor environment and its high resolution provides impressive contrast ratio with a fantastic pure black! Pur LED technicians installed 2 further high resolution indoor LED screens in key areas throughout the stand, including the consumer area and the VIP press area, along with 8 x 46″ LCD screens in the retail area.

The custom content was displayed across all of the screens and showed their new Tokyo and Oxford Street stores, product advertising and demonstrations of their exciting product portfolio. Providing all of the love camera work for the press launch hosted by Dysons CEO meant the content was simultaneously shown over all 3 screens, illustrating the high level of service the iMAG tram are proud to deliver.

Dyson exhibition stand IFA Berlin 2016 ROE Black Onyx 3mm LED Screen Cladded

Equipment & Testimonials


182 Panels of ROE Black OnyX 3.4mm LED

8 46” LCD Screens

3 Brompton Tessera M2 Screen Processors

1 Pandoras Box Media Server

2 Sony PMW 350 Camera

1 Media Player

3 Laptop and Playback

Communication & PR team says:


The event went amazing, the screen was amazing, team was amazing.

Thank you so much.


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