Hillsong Conference, London

An international Pentecostal church based in Sydney, Australia

The Brief

Held at The O2 London, the European conference attracts over 40,000 attendees. With a variety of international speakers and performances over the 3 day conference, enhancing this annual event was a key part of the brief. Our brief was to create a visual set centerpiece, with the primary concept of recreating an ‘Eardrum'. Identifying and highlighting a variety of innovative LED products in the early design stages allowed us to approach this brief with passion and creativity. 
High resolution LED screen and LED tape solution at the Hillsong Conference

The Challenge

Finding a curved product to match both brief and budget was an initial challenge for the iMAG technical team. The experience of our creative team led to iMAG’s decision to use both the LED baton and LED video tape – a bright, vibrant LED solution that can curve and be formed into creative patterns. The team also needed to identify a cost effective way to mask the edges of the large backdrop LED screen to create the proscenium arch. Engaging Blackout draping creating the required curve effect on budget.
LED backdrop screen and lighting for Hillsong Church London
Curved LED backdrop screen on stage at the Hillsong Colour Conference in London

The Successful Solution

The solution was selected to create a large curved LED backdrop screen, accentuated by vertical LED batons curving around the primary backdrop screen to create a moving, vibrant effect.  To further enhance this visual feature we used over 120m of LED video tape to ’swoop’ around the entire set build.  We selected our LT10 10mm indoor LED screen for the backdrop due to its quick build time which aided the fact that we needed to cover this vast space .  It was important to maintain outstanding image quality and resolution, so the 10mm was perfect for this.  It also provided a sturdy base to hang the draping we chose to use to create the arch.

The LED baton element was key to the content, with the graphic content radiating back and forth from a central point.  Using the LED video tape to further enhance the visual feature created swoops over the stage area provided a truly spectacular visual for the audience.

Performers on stage at the Christian Conference in London

Equipment and Crew Used


88sqm of Lighthouse i10 LED Screen – Main Stage Screen

36sqm of ROE Black Onyx 3.4mm Led Screen – Left / Right Imag Display Screens

2 Brompton Tessara M2 LED Processors

126 Barco Mistrip – black diffusion cover added – Curved Radiating Elements


10 Barco O’Lite Controller

2 Barco D320 LED Processor

2 Fibrelink 2

60m of LED Video Ribbon

60m of Custom Rolled Mild Steel Tube – 10m Radius


4 Senior LED Technican

1 Project Manager

Wembley arena London christian conference
Hillsong conference Wembley arena with circular LED screen

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