Hillsong, O2 Arena

Hillsong Church, an International Pentecostal church which hosts large International conferences and events.

The Brief

To provide and run 6 x 30sqm 8mm LED screens in a back to back formation, flown above a central stage at the O2 for four days of live shows.
Wembley Arena, London, Hillsong Conference

The Challenge

Due to the O2’s busy schedule we could only start installing in the early hours of the only rehearsal day. We therefore had only 4 hours to build and commission 180m2 of LED screens and their operating systems before more production was built under and around us.

Each LED screen was to have an independent signal and the Screens were rigged on a Kinesys system as vertical movement was part of the show. With over 800m of Socapex and 1km of Cat 6, cable management was a major challenge!

As was handling and installation of the sheer quantity of kit in such a short timeframe!
iMAG installed their high resolution LED screens into the SSE Arena
Annual christian conference at the SSE arena

The Successful Solution

Our technical team chose the Compass 8 screen, a SMD product, because of its light weight and fast installation system.  We met the 4 hour install and commissioning deadline by detailed pre-planning and thorough briefing of the 15 person, experienced install crew. Our team built a dedicated cable bridge to the centre of the star formation to solve the cable management issue and independent control of content was maintained for each of the 6 screens as well as back-up signal feeds for each screen.


12 Barco Image Pro 2s were used for scaling and input management along with 6 x 30m2 screens, to create 3 x back-to-back screens which were flown in a triangular format ensuring full coverage for the 15,000 strong audience. De-rigging immediately after the last show and was completed well within the 6 hour slot and we’re proud to say that with thanks to our excellent crew, everything went perfectly!

Hillsong Conference at the Wembley arena in london

Equipment and Crew Used


180sqm Compass 8 LED Screen

8 Compass Screen Processors

12 Barco Image Pro 2s Scalers

400 Amp Power Lock Distro

800m  Socapex


1000m Cat 6


9 Crew

3 LED Techs

2 Rigging Crew

1 Project Manager

iMAG installed their high resolution LED screens into the SSE Arena
Annual christian conference at the SSE arena