Jersey Enterprise Awards

The Box, an event design and management company based in Jersey.

The Brief

To create a large LED wall as a centre piece production, and manage all live content for the prestigious Jersey Enterprise awards ceremony. The desired effect was to create an immersive experience for the attending guests.
States of Jersey, Jersey Enterprise awards

The Challenge

In order to create a complete virtual LED wall set, a large amount of screen was required, totaling an impressive 15.5m (w) by 4.5m (h).

The challenge that came with a screen this size was its total weight, which came in at 3.5 tonnes. The chosen venue for the awards was an agricultural showground which had a roof incapable of supporting such a large amount of weight.
LED Display at Awards Night
LED Screen at Awards Function by iMAG Displays

The Successful Solution

Instigating a half-flown, half-stacked system worked well and ensured iMAG were well within the technical limits.

As this was to be a content driven show, iMAG synchronised the screen’s live content as per the time lined script. With each award having its own theme and sponsor to publicise, along with the nominees, ensuring a seamless flow was essential and was therefore one of iMAG’s key project management focuses during the event.  iMAG chose to programme the custom content into a multi-layer timeline by using Pandora’s Box, a media server for clever processing which handled this with ease.

Being a live show, iMAG was able to stop and start the timeline as required on the 10mm digiLED LT10 bright and vibrantly colourled LED wall, ensuring sponsor logos and background animations flowed continuously.

Once the formalities were complete, iMAG completely transformed the room into a sophisticated nightclub with the screen taking centre stage using relaxed, creative visuals.

To overcome the weight challenge of the 70sqm screen, iMAG designed and intricate half-flown, half-stacked solution which meant a lesser 1.8 tonnes would be hung from the venue roof using a Slick Mini Beam as the master truss.

This was determined by the roof layout at Reinforced Steel Joint (RSJ) formation.  Using load cells, iMAG could ensure no motor or roof point was overloaded and concluded the best solution was to split the screen’s weight over 5 points.

To ensure the perfect line up when lowering the top half of screen on to the stacked bottom half, iMAG prepared and designed a unique slider system to ensure accurate placemen


“iMAG Displays overcame every challenge thrown their way and created an environment the island had never seen before.  To produce more than we have ever imagined, despite a hurdle around every corner, is simply phenomenal work.  It was important to us that we made a huge visual impact as well as flawlessly execute the crucially timed content.  Their equipment and professional team members delivered this perfectly and with sound logistical foresight, made the ceremony a pleasant event for us all from planning through to completion.”

iMAG LED screen hanging soltuion

Equipment Used


144 Panels of digiLED LT10

2 Navigator 20-20 HD LED processors

2 Calibre LEDview 530


Pandora’s Box Media Player

Folsom Presentation Pro

Resolume Arena 4

LED Screen by iMAG Displays
Awards Function by iMAG Displays

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