NatWest Island Games

We worked directly with the NatWest Island Games Jersey Organising Committee, and the director of the Island Games

The Brief

Our brief was to provide a single point contact for the entire 6 day event's production, including staging, outdoor LED screens, lighting, sound, hospitality marquees and more. They required project management of the equipment reaching the island, all rig & de-rig logistics and management of the live production for the entire duration.
NatWest Island Games in St Helier, Jersey

The Challenge

Given the unique island location, the logistics promoted a challenge for iMAG to overcome. With a single freight company and variable sea conditions, getting all of the kit there required careful planning - and contingency plans!

iMAG needed to deliver over 600 tonnes of equipment and 10 articulated trucks, which were not only crucially timed and squeezed on the sparse ferry journeys to one of the smallest British islands, but also required road closures due to exceeding their road size limit.
Live events taking place in the Channel Islands
Celebrations at the NatWest Island Games in Jersey

The Successful Solution

The Games Hub was held in a protected park in the capital St Helier, so iMAG needed to take precautions to help lessen the damage.  Movements were monitored for all heavy plant vehicle on site throughout the 8 day build, and specific lawn protection trackway and grass tyres were used.  Experience led iMAG to enable the park and surrounding areas to cope with the influx of disturbance on the usually peaceful island, so careful planning of the build schedule was imperative to ensure the construction was a staggered process.  iMAG built a full stage solution including lighting, audio, left and right flown screens and a large backdrop screen.  Fan zones were also created in prominent locations around the island, streaming the games live.

iMAG identified an innovative solution to deliver the high quality and high quantity of the live video coverage without the budget for satellite.  The solution proved to be clever use of the island’s new fibre-optic network.  Footage from PPUs was streamed from the 13 remote sporting locations back to the outside broadcast truck at the Games Hub where it was decoded and selected before being streamed live to 7 large LED screens around the island, participating hotels and over the internet – so that global viewers could enjoy.


iMAG took on the entire production element of the NatWest Island Games XVI Village and their attention to detail on large-scale events including our opening & closing ceremonies exceeded our expectations.  Their team displayed expertise in Project Management which meant they were able to guide us, plan, initiate and implement all aspects of our AV requirements.  Their technical experience, and professionalism, coupled with their premium AV equipment ensured seamless live production of our events, not only in the Games Village but also across a number of our sporting venues and fan viewing zones.  I would recommend iMAG Displays unequivocally and would hire them again without hesitation” – Karin Wery, Games Administrator

Live events in St Helier in Jersey

Equipment and Crew Used


14m x 14m Dome stage

FOH Tower

Pit Barrier for stage line

2 x 10mm LED & PA wing truss structures

Main audio system

Full stage lighting package including rigging

Video LED screen – 2 screens 6m x 3.8m

LED screen for back of stage and FOH LED screen

LED screen structure at FOH

Video production package

Trackway system

VIP raised platform – 35m x 18m – 3ft high



6 LED techs

4 Stage hands

4 Audio crew members

3 Lighting crew members

1 Stage manager

1 Project manager

6 Camera crew

3 Video directors

1 Show caller

1 Site electrician

1 Health and safety manager

10 On site crew members

2015 Island Games Screen by iMAG Displays
2015 Island Games Screen by iMAG Displays

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