Red Bull F1 Opening Party

Monte Carlo


To provide and install a high resolution ROE MC-5 Outdoor LED Screen for The Red Bull F1 Opening Party, hosted by David Coulthard, at the Monaco Grand Prix, Monte Carlo.
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Monaco’s complete town closure for the F1; meant vehicle restrictions were extremely tight. Due to a last minute change of venue, the Outdoor ROE MC-5 high resolution, screen was to be installed on the Red Bull Energy Station, a floating platform in Monaco Harbour!
Red Bull formula one car racing imag displays ROE mc5 LED screen outdoor panels
Danny Macaskill red bull energy station f1 imag displays ROE MC5 LED screen epecuen monaco monte carlo


The iMAG team braced and secured the Outdoor ROE MC-5 16sqm screen to the 40 x 30m 2-storey floating platform in just 35 minutes.

Ensuring Red Bull F1 team celebrated the start of Monaco GP properly, our crew rather enjoyed this project….

red bull energy station monaco monte carlo imag displays LED screen MC5 ROE

Equipment & Testimonials


60 Panels ROE MC-5 LED Panels

1 E-Vision Processor

1 Play Back pro

1 Nova Star LED Software

1 ROE ground stacked support  system


Red Bull Marketing Manager says:

It went super smoothly so thank you very much for everything and we look forward to the next one!


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