Red Bull Monaco GP

European premiere of Epécuen, opening party for the Red Bull Infiniti F1 Racing Team. Red Bull Energy Station, Monte Carlo GP

The Brief

To provide and install a high resolution 3mm pixel pitch LED Screen for the evening of the Epécuen Premiere & The Red Bull Opening Party, hosted by David Coulthard, at the Monaco Grand Prix.
European premiere of Epecuen, opening party for the Red Bull Infiniti F1 Racing team. Red Bull Energy Station, Monte Carlo 2016

The Challenge

Complete town closure for the Grand Prix meant vehicle restrictions were extremely tight. Due to a last minute change of venue, the indoor, high resolution, screen was to be installed on the Red Bull Energy Station, a floating platform in Monaco Harbour!

The client was so delighted that they requested an extension of the evening’s rental to the whole weekend, at 11pm on the night of the party, when kit and crew were all booked to de-rig that night and leave the next day!
Red Bull formula one car
Danny Macaskill at the red bull energy station

The Successful Solution

To minimise outdoor exposure we decided to build and dismantle the screen immediately before and after the 14 min screening.

A well briefed and efficient team built, braced and secured the 16sqm screen to the 40 x 30m 2-storey floating platform in just 35 minutes. The screen was built on an orientation that had the evening sun behind the screen to ensure that the brightness was sufficient for the unexpected outdoor use.

We solved the ongoing use of an indoor screen outdoors by erecting a waterproof canopy over the screen. We started making phone calls at 11pm on the night of the Opening Party to secure a Technician, an aeroplane seat and hotel room, not easy during the Grand Prix!

At 6am the next morning one of our Technicians was on a flight to Nice… with somewhere to stay!

All in all a great success and a very happy client!

BMX backflip form the Red Bull Energy station in Monaco

Equipment and Crew Used

Equipment Used

60 Panels  of Acronn 3.9mm LED Panels

1 Barco Folsom Image Pro 2

1 Play Back pro

1 Nova Star LED Software


1 Ground Stacking system


1 LED Technician

1 Project Manager

3 Crew