ROE Black OnyX & Diamond LED

The ROE Black Onyx & Diamond LED screens lead the Indoor LED market. 

iMAG were proud to be the first UK based production company to stock the multi award-winning ROE Black OnyX 3.4mm indoor LED screen, a market leading high resolution indoor 3mm LED screen, with an intelligent module system designed by ROE Creative Displays.

This informed and calculated purchase which cemented our reputation as a conscientious, pioneering production company was galvanised by listening to our clients and investing in their requirement for this superior product.

With our next indoor ROE Purchase of the ROE Black Diamond 2mm, our indoor LED screen hire portfolio is nearly complete!

The ROE Black Diamond 2.6mm delivers an easy-to-stack or hang solution that is available in flat or curved configurations. The Black Diamond 2.6 is an ideal  LED display solution for rental, staging and fixed applications. Lightweight magnesium alloy frames ensure extreme durability and its ability to curve both concave and convex encourages creativity in the design process.

The Black OnyX has a 3.47mm pixel pitch with 5000:1 contrast and anti-glare black LEDs. Its revolutionary magnesium alloy lightweight design, which recently secured the prestigious German ‘iF’ Gold award, can be easily stacked or hung and its thin modules accommodate for a curved installation.

iMAG’s ROE Black OnyX & ROE’s Diamond LED screens includes the Brompton 4K SX-40 and the Tessera processor range which provides unparalleled control of colour, creative arrays and fixtures which can be placed at any angle or position and the Tessera management software which provides a powerful interface for controlling all aspects of the system.

iMAG clients regularly hire the second-to-none impact of ROE Black Onyx and ROE Black Diamond because of the perfect visual resolution, brightness control and room for innovative construction.

We offer both the ROE Black Diamond 2mm Indoor LED Screen and ROE Black OnyX 3.4mm LED Screen hire across the UK.

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