Film & TV Production

IMAG works across the Film & Television production sector, engaging new virtual production techniques and furthering the extensive capabilities of LED video screen and Video Control.

We provide high resolution indoor and outdoor LED video screen and video control equipment hire, matched with the very best in technical expertise. We work across the spectrum of virtual reality and extended reality production environments, supporting and understanding this constantly evolving industry.  With a passion for all things LED, whether it’s a huge curved LED backdrop, an immersive LED floor or a lighting LED ceiling piece, we thrive on the unique and artistic creative challenges presented and overcome.

We are a virtual production video supplier with a bullet proof HDR workflow utilising state of the art equipment from ROE Visual , Brompton Technology Limiteddisguise & Unreal Engine.

We specialise in customisable LED video volumes that can come to your studio, location or why not come and visit our creative team and shoot here.

Using the creative, bespoke studio space in partnership with our friends Treehouse Digital allows us to ensure that there is no wasted travel & environmental cost and the production gets their exact requirements.

Our virtual ‘car wash’ HDR ready LED volume allows for super realism when shooting inside any car / train / bus…. And yes we really have wrapped video right round those things!!


LED video screen allows the capture of VFX in-camera, provides realistic environments, a sense of depth and reduces post-production time; as a LED lighting feature, it is capable of simulating daylight; all without the restrictions of on-location timings and in a completely controlled environment. Utilising LED video screen versus traditional green screen on film and TV sets creates a fully immersive on set experience, so that for the very first time actors and creative teams can see and react to the CGI world in real time.

Our portfolio of ROE Visual LED is matched with the processing capabilities of industry leaders Brompton Technology, including Brompton HDR, allowing us to deliver the very best results each and every time. Our ROE Black Marble LED floor creates the finishing piece, allowing for seamless video integration from floor to wall and ceiling.

We have an extensive video rental stock from ROE Visual & Brompton, to disguise and their gx2c media servers, 4K/ 8K /16K video processing solutions, as well as projection hire and projection mapping, and content creation services.

By working with industry experts and using future-proof technologies, we are always ready to provide our clients with everything they need for any virtual production.

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