iMAG Expands Outdoor Product Range with Acquisition of ROE Black Quartz 3.9mm & 4.6mm

iMAG Displays, a leading provider of LED and video control solutions, is excited to announce the significant expansion of its outdoor LED product offering through the procurement of a substantial inventory of the ROE Visual Black Quartz 4.6mm and ROE Black Quartz 3.9mm.

 This strategic investment solidifies IMAGs commitment to delivering state-of-the-art visual solutions to its clients and reinforces its position as a pioneer in the industry.

 The ROE Black Quartz 3.9mm and the ROE Black Quartz 4.6mm represent the pinnacle of high resolution outdoor LED video technology, combining exceptional performance, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. With their superior visual quality and durability, these innovative products open up endless possibilities for event organizers, content creators, and AV professionals, empowering them to craft unforgettable visual experiences.

 Crafted with precision and cutting-edge technology, ROE Black Quartz 4.6mm and ROE Black Quartz 3.9mm exhibit remarkable durability and reliability. The high quartz content in these materials ensures outstanding hardness, resistance to damage, and long-lasting performance, making them ideal for a wide range of applications, from concerts and exhibitions to architectural installations and experiential activations.

 The deep, rich black colour of the ROE Black Quartz captivates viewers and adds a touch of elegance to any environment. The availability of both ROE Black Quartz 4.6mm and ROE Black Quartz 3.9mm allows iMAG to cater to the diverse needs of our amazing clients, offering flexible solutions that align with their specific project requirements.

 “We are thrilled to expand our product range with the addition of ROE Black Quartz 4.6 and 3.9,” said Alex Strachan MD of iMAG. This purchase further signifies our commitment to staying at the forefront of technological advancements in the industry, enabling our clients to create immersive visual experiences that leave a lasting impact. With the versatility and stunning visual capabilities of ROE Black Quartz, we are confident that our clients will achieve unparalleled results.”

 iMAG has established a reputation for exceptional customer service and innovation. By incorporating the ROE Visual Black Quartz 4.6 and ROE Black Quartz 3.9 into their product lineup, the company strengthens its ability to deliver comprehensive solutions and tailored experiences that exceed client expectations. The extensive inventory ensures quick availability, streamlining project timelines and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.


To learn more about iMAG and its comprehensive range of LED and video control solutions, visit or get in touch with one of our awesome team at [email protected] / 01202 282202

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iMAG Expands Outdoor Product Range with Acquisition of ROE Black Quartz 3.9mm & 4.6mm