XR in focus: The reality of XR studios

Check out this #XR interview & write up by Inavate Magazine with our very own Dan Gray! Full article available in link below.

“Daniel Gray, director of Graymatter Video works alongside sister event production company iMAG.

Gray explained: “XR stands for extended reality. Rather than it being just virtual reality, an XR stage encompasses many different mediums of virtual. The XR stages that have been developed in the last two years use LED screen technology to create the environment around a person or subject.

“Unlike previous virtual stages, which are traditionally green screen, the new LED XR stages allow a person to stand within the environment and to see the environment around them, projected onto LED screens by the media servers. It helps actors, presenters or anybody within that environment to interact with the environment rather than having to imagine it, as is the case with green screen. You can also bring augmented reality into that environment adding 3D objects generated within the servers that can be virtually inserted into the set.”


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XR in focus: The reality of XR studios